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Robert Begley is a dynamic speaker with more than twenty years experience in Toastmasters International. His presentations blend knowledge, humor, passion, motivation, and storytelling. His topics range from New York and American History to heroes, business, and the arts.

Robert has spoken to audience acclaim at Duke University, Marymount Manhattan College, as well as various business and educational organizations and clubs across America.

He is also the Founder and President of the New York Heroes Society–an organization which celebrates heroism in the culture. Robert writes for Reason Papers and is currently working on a book about the history of American heroes.

Robert has demonstrated leadership skills by organizing events in the NYC area for the past twenty years. He has managed staffs for Wall Street firms and utilized his Toastmasters background in leadership roles.

Aside from these skills, Robert has always been committed to health and fitness, as an athlete and dancer.

Additionally, Robert has always demonstrated a benevolent and optimistic view of life, where happiness and flourishing are reachable goals.

If you are interested in having him speak in your area, please write to Robert@Begley.com.

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